Treatment rates

An osteopathic consultation / treatment costs € 82.50.

One session takes approximately 1 hour. Osteopathy doesn't work with a strict time schedule because is the response of the patient that sets the timing for the treatment.

Accepted payments are the following:

Insurances and osteopathy

Osteopathy in the Netherlands is considered an alternative medicine.

In order to be eligible for a reimbursement (partial in most of the cases) from the insurance company the patient must have chosen to include a supplement for alterative medicine on top of the basic package, provided that the osteopath is registered to a national organization (NOF or NRO).

Each insurance company has different rules regarding reimbursement of osteopathic treatment. Please refer to your insurance company website for more information.

Cancellation policy

I kindly ask you to cancel the appointment with at least 24 hours notice.